About Us

Spill is a modern southern salon that provides a full array of hair services and more. We offer all the charm and comfort of a small-town beauty parlor with the tools and capability of a big-city salon.

Previously UNIKE, Spill Salon is owned and run by our talented stylist, Stacy. The Kents have lovingly renovated the salon, giving our clientele a beautiful space for indulgence and self-care.


The Spill Philosophy

When you come to the salon, you are setting time aside for yourself. It’s an hour (or three) where you get to release everything that’s weighing you down – all while getting pampered and beautified.

Your stylist is your trusted friend. Whether you want to spill your guts about the events of last weekend or let your worries quietly spill to the floor with your hair, we’ve got you. Because a haircut is so much more than a haircut.

Spill the details. Spill your stress.
Let your hair spill down.

Our Team

Stacy Kent

Owner & Stylist

Kory Baker


Lauren Gouldbourn


Colleen East


Laura Donaven


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“I had my hair done by one of the hair stylists named Shannon Sherrell. She has a very warm and friendly personality. She talks as if you all were friends for a lifetime and is very positive.”
Joan N.
“Excellent! As always! Great cut from a great hair stylist!”
Frances T.
“Wonderful experience!”
Jeannette T.